Vital Tips to Become a Perfect 3d Animation Artist

If you have decided to be a 3D animator then you have chosen something very unusual and which is actually good. This is not something like becoming a professor or any other career that you can achieve in a specific time period. In this type of career you will follow a path where you will make a great deal of love and dedication and if you start loving your stream it is going to be completely worth it. Animation Education is something people are not very well aware of. You can be the one to make a mark in your family by doing something really different.


Joining an Animation College and learning animation there could be confusing, frustrating and difficult at times but it can be the most rewarding that you will learn. You will be able to breathe through by inserting life onto the character you design. You learn the capability of making a new life. If you are passionate about your work, nothing can take you back.

In this post we will talk about 3D Animation and the steps that will help you in achieving your goal.

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Let us understand first the actual job of a 3D Animator

If you have finally decided that you are going to an Animation College and want to pursue with 3D Animation Diploma then it is important for you to know what all would be your work when you will be a perfect 3D animator.

The job consists of bringing an intimate 3D objects to life by creating characters on TV screen that actually move. It is up to you how you design and how you bring up your characters with. You have to make these objects feel like they have a life and are breathing. You can find 3D animators in almost every field now starting from Video games, television, movies and commercials. If there are some 3D elements, a 3D animator can bring life to them. Every Animation Institute provides guidance for all this.

What characteristics do 3D animator posses?

Animators have to be very patient. As we all know that animation is not something you can learn overnight. It needs experience and creativity. It can even take long than you expected that you can really start getting the chops for it. So be patient and design your characters with free mind. Do not bind yourself with time and design putting in your 100%. It is okay if you are working on a short ten seconds animation but it is taking too long to get framed. This is normal and it should never be rushed if you really want to create something wonderful.

Animators are believed that they see the world different from others. They do not think the way an average person must be thinking. If an animator finds something interesting while waiting in a queue they will start making some mental notes and will definitely design something to give a real picture to their observation. Where a person who is not into animation will just look at it and will leave but won’t even think of doing something unusual with that.

What Technical skills you need to learn?

Whatever field you are working into you need some specific skills to master that field. Same is the case with animation. This is true that here the skills are a bit different rather extraordinary but after all you are doing something which is not ordinary at all. It is not the computer that creates animations but the animator does. The Animation School that you will join will make you learn Maya, which is a software that you need to spend a lot of time with to become a perfectionist. Even a simple 3D application is a simple tool for you to work with but still you have to learn how to use that tool because animation softwares are more complex than drawing on paper with pencils.

There are a bundle of things that you need to learn when you are becoming a 3D animator but the only mantra to reach success is practicing. Practice makes a man perfect and so will you. Practicing in your field and knowing where you are going is the only way to get success.

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