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Top 9 Reasons Why International Students Come To Center for Arts and Technology

When it comes to choosing the best school or college or the best institute where you can create your future, you definitely look for something different. Anybody will do a plenty of research and will think a hundred times before taking admission to a particular school. This is obvious and normal. You have to pay attention and have to be very careful when you really want to build your dream. Decide your agenda and we will help you reach there.

You name it and we have it. With our wide range of courses in Art & Technology, Center for Arts and Technology is known as the best Audio Engineering College in Canada. But this is not it, we offer our global students a wide variety of programs that include Audio Production, Electronic Music Programs, Network Administrator Technician and lots more.


Center for Arts and TechnologyIf you have your interest in animation and you want to be a famous cartoonist then we have a great deal of 2D and 3D animation Diploma Programs for you. As I said you name it and we have it. We can offer you a great number of options to build your career with. The only thing you need to show us is your determination.

Center for Arts and Technology, Canada is one such institute that offer students worldwide with a variety of courses to make their career in the right direction. Students from Abroad die to take admission into this institute. Well they have to be. I have a plenty of reasons to tell you why International students come to Center for Arts and Technology and in this post I am going to discuss some extremely special reasons for why they want to join our school so badly.

  1. We Provide Them A Better Way Of Learning

Big thanks to our experienced and intelligent faculty that help children in reaching to their goals as fast as they can. You will be provided with the test drive for every field you want to go for. When you have chosen your desired field, you will be given creative home works to increase your interests in your work. We provide our students with special events like film festivals, fashion shows, and lots more to get real experiences.

The events organized do a lot more than any other thing in making you learn more. They will introduce to the real people and the real world.

  1. Learn from Real Professionals

When we organize events for students we invite the real life celebrities to our shows. They share their real life experiences with you and give you a handful of support to learn from their experiences. With this students get the complete environment for preparing themselves for a perfect tomorrow. Also they get the opportunity to work with students from different backgrounds and ages.

  1. Here You Will Get The Competitive Edge That Professionals Are Looking For

When you join us, we provide each and every student the platform to grow. Even if you are shy we will provide you the confidence of being yourself. Our events, tasks, the way of teaching always convince to speak up for yourself. When you can speak for yourself you are confident enough to stand for yourself. This is what we inculcate in you.

  1. We Offer The Best Learning Environment

When it comes to the learning environment, we offer our students with all types of facilities and equipments that are required. We support them in creating the educational settings where they can make the perfect blend of art and creativity along with technology. Our vision is mainly centered in establishing the industrial partnerships and commitments for bringing all the latest software’s in the classrooms.

  1. We Give You The Right Instructor

At CAT, we provide our students with the best mentor to help them in making right decisions always. The best part is that neither you nor your instructor has to go to some different parts to get together. Big thanks to our Distributed Learning Centers (DLC).

We offer specialized video conferencing classrooms for bringing you and your instructor together with high quality video and audio. This will make you feel as if you people are in the same room and are talking face to face. You can interact as much as you want, ask queries, your doubts, get answers, see demonstrations and get benefits from their life experiences.

  1. Your Success Is Our Guarantee

Try as much as you want but you won’t ever be able to find an institute that can guarantee your success. We offer you

  • Personalized tutorials
  • Professional as well as Personal Development program
  • Graduated Access Programs
  • Workshops to experiment and learn
  • And above all, guarantee to make you what you want to be.

So, when you are with us you need not to worry about your success. We will design your path towards success. Whatever you need whatever the world need, we provide you. We groom you to step into the real world. We make you what companies want in you.

Education is the final phase for becoming an asset to the world. So when you are with Centre for Arts and Technology you are in safe hands.

You invest with us and we will invest in your professional development. We help you and spend countless hours in designing the best programs and courses for you. We have a team of competitive teachers and instructors to give you the best of everything. After seeing our campus, meeting our faculty and reading our achievements, you must be sure that you are in the right hands.

Here I can list some more reasons for International Students that why they should come to Canada for their studies and programs.

  1. Canada and our institute offer you a safe environment to study. We guarantee you safe and secure environment to study, especially if you are from some other country. Our country takes responsibilities of their guests and takes good care of them.
  2. We offer you high standards of living. Standard of living of people in Canada is the highest among the world. When you come to Canada for your studies, you get best of everything.
  3. You get high quality education at lower prices. Studies in Canada are considered as the highest quality studies in the world but the cost of living and tuition fees is comparatively lower for international students.

Well, I guess these reasons are more than enough to know why International students come to Centre for Arts and Technology for their higher studies. Every student wants to learn and grow in the best environment he/she can. Who wants to destroy their career and waste their money? When people find that Centre for Arts and Technology, Canada is providing their students with everything they need and are helping them to the core in shaping their career to the best possible level, then they find no single reason to stop their kids going to such place.

Join us and walk with us. We will change the entire perception you see the world.


Vital Tips to Become a Perfect 3d Animation Artist

If you have decided to be a 3D animator then you have chosen something very unusual and which is actually good. This is not something like becoming a professor or any other career that you can achieve in a specific time period. In this type of career you will follow a path where you will make a great deal of love and dedication and if you start loving your stream it is going to be completely worth it. Animation Education is something people are not very well aware of. You can be the one to make a mark in your family by doing something really different.


Joining an Animation College and learning animation there could be confusing, frustrating and difficult at times but it can be the most rewarding that you will learn. You will be able to breathe through by inserting life onto the character you design. You learn the capability of making a new life. If you are passionate about your work, nothing can take you back.

In this post we will talk about 3D Animation and the steps that will help you in achieving your goal.

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Let us understand first the actual job of a 3D Animator

If you have finally decided that you are going to an Animation College and want to pursue with 3D Animation Diploma then it is important for you to know what all would be your work when you will be a perfect 3D animator.

The job consists of bringing an intimate 3D objects to life by creating characters on TV screen that actually move. It is up to you how you design and how you bring up your characters with. You have to make these objects feel like they have a life and are breathing. You can find 3D animators in almost every field now starting from Video games, television, movies and commercials. If there are some 3D elements, a 3D animator can bring life to them. Every Animation Institute provides guidance for all this.

What characteristics do 3D animator posses?

Animators have to be very patient. As we all know that animation is not something you can learn overnight. It needs experience and creativity. It can even take long than you expected that you can really start getting the chops for it. So be patient and design your characters with free mind. Do not bind yourself with time and design putting in your 100%. It is okay if you are working on a short ten seconds animation but it is taking too long to get framed. This is normal and it should never be rushed if you really want to create something wonderful.

Animators are believed that they see the world different from others. They do not think the way an average person must be thinking. If an animator finds something interesting while waiting in a queue they will start making some mental notes and will definitely design something to give a real picture to their observation. Where a person who is not into animation will just look at it and will leave but won’t even think of doing something unusual with that.

What Technical skills you need to learn?

Whatever field you are working into you need some specific skills to master that field. Same is the case with animation. This is true that here the skills are a bit different rather extraordinary but after all you are doing something which is not ordinary at all. It is not the computer that creates animations but the animator does. The Animation School that you will join will make you learn Maya, which is a software that you need to spend a lot of time with to become a perfectionist. Even a simple 3D application is a simple tool for you to work with but still you have to learn how to use that tool because animation softwares are more complex than drawing on paper with pencils.

There are a bundle of things that you need to learn when you are becoming a 3D animator but the only mantra to reach success is practicing. Practice makes a man perfect and so will you. Practicing in your field and knowing where you are going is the only way to get success.

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